Friday, August 15, 2008

RIP little chipmunk

Every time I watch a cat pace though someone's house, I wonder what's going on inside his tiny, kitty brain.

Some would say that thinking creatures come into this world as a blank slate, their consciousness a kind of clay that gets shaped by experience. But that can't be exactly true, because no matter how much "personality" cats have, they seem to agree on a lot.

-Scratching noises are extremely suspicious.
-Small movements must be studied carefully
-The magic red dot can be, and must be, destroyed at all costs.

So then maybe our minds are like mold on your leftovers. They grow freely, and are affected by the environment, but generally they come out in the shape of their container. (And here I'm comparing the genetic predispositions of a cat brain to tupperware.)

There must be something, then, that gets passed down. Some piece of that cat brain is running some very old code, indeed. Down in the most fundamental of processes, something stirs that wants to be on the plains again, tracking a zebra.


Iubaris said...

Seeing this year's GameFAQs Character Battle reminded me that I've been reading this blog for about a year, ever since you won the last one. Good stuff! :)

Sam Cook said...

Wow, thanks. I wasn't actually aware anyone read it regularly outside of my immediate friends.

Anonymous said...

You can leave comments now! Initially, at least, the blog sneered at attempts to leave comments. FT

Sam Cook said...

Blogs like this get hit with SPAM posts a lot, so initially I had it locked to Google accounts. Now I've got it set to require approval, but maybe I'll turn that off for a while and see how it goes.