Friday, February 26, 2010

Everybody's free (to rehash)

For reference:

Work on you.

If I could give you only one tip for the future, "work on you" would be it. Nothing you can obtain and nothing you can accomplish will be worthwhile if you can't appreciate what you have. The finest meal is wasted on an uncultured palate. The simplest breakfast is exquisite to one who is genuinely grateful for it. Water and wine both take the shape of their containers.

The rest of my advice is nothing more than a bunch of corollaries to this one idea. I will dispense this advice now.

Never fall into the delusion that you've accomplished anything on your own. You owe an enormous debt to everyone who has ever fed, taught, or encouraged you. Any good you do in the world is just paying them back.

Not a sports page, not a magazine. A book.

Don't stare at people. Don't ignore them either. Everyone deserves your regard and your suspicion. Human-beings-are-not-simple.

Dance. Preferably swing.

Most things we regard as problems are just symptoms of some larger problem. Be mindful of the difference.

Hustle hard in any hustle that you pick.

Hot, clean running water is a miracle, and don't you EVER forget it.

Having a difficult life gets you sympathy, it does not get you an excuse. You are always responsible for your actions.

Arrogance is destructive to your spirit. So is self-deprecation. It doesn't matter which side of that bridge you fall off of, it's long way down.

YOU get to choose. This is the most terrifying and wonderful prospect in the world. Seize that power, but take it seriously.

Take anything seriously but yourself.

Work to lessen your prejudices about people, but know that you are never completely free of them. Giving everyone a fair shake is tricky.

Being healthy is worth the trouble.

There are good reasons to do something, but "because you think you're supposed to" is not one of them.

There are good reasons to not do something, but "because you're scared to" is not one of them.

Wash your hands.*

*And also flush the toilet. I am so tired of seeing your pee when I use a public bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of an insight one of my karate students shared with me when talking about how to spend money. He said that spending money on stuff is investing in objects. Spending money on travel is investing in yourself.