Friday, January 22, 2010

The Self: Part 1?

Ever since Freud came along, we've been trying to figure out just what's going on with ourselves. What makes us who we are? What gives us an understanding that we exist? What is the "self?" There are lots of perspectives on the issue, and plenty of interesting work on the matter, but we lack a single solid, practical theory.

Humanity may now rest at ease, however, as I have constructed it.

A person can be conveniently divided into two parts:


Note that your BS is separate from you, but it plays a large role in who you are. Think of it as the petri dish in which "you" will grow.

"Who you are" is here defined as "how you react to your BS." There are many ways to react, but the most common are:

-Hide from.



But keep in mind that these reactions are broad categories that can be subdivided into lots of techniques, both negative and positive. Also, a given person will often choose different reactions depending on the environment.*

But no matter the tactic, it's always about you and your BS.

*The holidays, for instance, often lead to a big spike in "medicate."

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